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I think all of the outrage over all this is downright ridiculous. This is nothing new! People are acting like VS has crossed some line that in reality many other stores crossed over a decade ago.

When I was 13, my best friend and I giggles like fiends while buying matching pairs of thongs- our very first. By the time I graduated from high school, I wore them almost exclusively. And many of them had provocative sayings or pictures on them. My favorite pair were red and said "vixen" on the crotch! Where did I buy such horrifying underwear? Let's see... Forever21, WetSeal, and Walmart were probably the top 3 places I shopped. Really, go into almost any teen focused store (the cheaper, the better) and you will find this kind of underwear. Never heard a peep of outrage over it until now.

And you know what? I wasn't a "bad" girl, I can name only one guy who ever saw those undies, and I cared about plenty more important things than looking cool or sexy. I just love fun underwear.

And before anyone says anything about my saint of a mother, her only crime was expecting her daughter to be responsible for her own laundry starting at 12 years old. I bought my fun undies with money I earned from being a tutor, babysitter, and dance teaching assistant. I was such a rotten egg!

Flame suit on.
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