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Re: Thrifty paleo breakfasts

We don't do strict Paleo... I focus on no grains (still do white rice), no legumes (ever), no vegetable oil, and very little sugar. We still have cheese, cream, GF bread (Udi's white bread, yum!)

We don't keep cereal or milk in the house anymore because I kept falling back on Chex... once it was out of the house I had to find something else (it was not easy my middle child pretty much ate cereal every morning)!

So for breakfasts we do:

smoothies... pineapple, banana, frozen strawberry and coconut milk or cream
GF bread with almond butter and a little honey... or just butter
Trail mix - wish my kids would eat coconut flakes but they won't!
Cheese and cold cuts - not ideal but better than a carb breakfast IMO

Also they ususally have some kind of fruit (except with the smoothie of course) to round everything else out.
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