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Re: Tamiflu during third tri

great article with helpful suggestions...(i had the flu in my first trimester of this pregnancy and took sambucol, vitamin c, green tea, and apple cider vinegar)

ETA: the flu turned into bronchitis with a croup cough for me this time. i have scarring on my left lung from almost dying of pneumonia when i was 23. since then i have at times needed an inhaler during bronchial infections since my lungs are weak. needless to say we were all worried- thankfully i didnt even need an inhaler. my PCP told me to apply the tincture of time and that tamiflu was only nominally better than a placebo! i have seen a TEDtalk criticizing its use and it has been targeted for bad science.

i wouldnt take it either but we each make our own choices!
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