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Re: Tamiflu during third tri

I trust our docs nearly 100%.. I say nearly because I don't believe it is good to put 100% faith in anyone (besides God) as there are too many variables & lack of full disclosure by those who make the mega $$. Our docs prescribed Zithromax for our kids, I gave it to them because they had what could have been very serious... I was nervous, just like I am w/any ABX & meds, but weighed the benefits VS the risks & felt it was needed. We very rarely use anything & use Tylenol 1 x a YEAR or less, so I had to be very concerned to have used ABX. While taking it & after I was extra aggressive w/probiotics, fermented foods, broths, etc. to help restore their gut flora, etc.

Fast forward to today... I just read about how Z can cause death via heart issues and cause CANCER. Apparently this is not something yet widely known or accepted (like the Vioxx atrocity), so my docs prescribed it w/what they knew at that time about it... had something happened, it would have been chalked up to "who knew" like everything else. Had I have known what I know today, I probably would NOT have used it then... but no going back.

The point is that nobody knows the full ramifications because much of the data about drugs, vax, etc. is unknown, whether that be intentional or not is for another thread, but we have to be our own advocates and not put blind faith into someone because there are some letters after their name. Do your OWN research & be your baby's advocate as there is nobody else who can be better than you. Sure there can be deaths from flu, but there can be deaths FROM the DRUG too.

I just Googled it & it is a class C... I NOT take a class C drug when pregnant no matter what doctor prescribed it unless there were no other options and it was clearly necessary... there are other options for treating flu symptoms, which is what I would focus on. The side effects of the drug are nothing to scoff at... & if they could affect a full size adult like that, imagine the affect on an unborn baby.. just my :

Pregnancy Category Explanation
All Trimesters C Animal studies have shown an adverse effect and there are no adequate studies in pregnant women OR no animal studies have been conducted and there are no adequate studies in pregnant women.
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