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April Fool's...what are you all doing?

Trying to come up with something good this work...home...nothing destructive or hurtful of course. One year we decorated one of our supervisor's cubicle completely with aluminum foil (three giant rolls). The phone, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, file folders, desk, reference books all neatly covered. She left it alone like that and worked for a week and even had the CEO visiting (he was laughing).

Any ideas? Are we allowed to do any sort of prank here?

You know, copy one of the mod/admin's avatar for example *cough*h2bam*cough* and 12 other people replace theirs. Let the confusion begin I have other ideas but will probably get me banned so fast.

One time in another forum we had group of members each create a thread to some 'cool' website but each site linked to another 'cool' thread within the same forum. So it was basically clicking on the links forever. The mods hated us and was scrambling to lock the threads
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