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Germany: ISO/IHA **updated** Prefolds, fitteds, huda covers, and more

This is a WIP I am working on the ISO aspect now and will be adding IHA. Please feel free to ask in the meantime.

Kannst gerne auch auf Deutsch melden.

I am open to Worldwide trades. However certain items and obviously heavier items should be within Germany or at least the EU. Thanks.

Top ISO Paypal ready:
* Prefolds regular size
* Huda pull on covers medium
* Tie nappies
* The waldorf book over the rainbow bridge
* lanolin and wool wash open is ok

1- I am looking for a cutsey US style bright colored rain jacket size Xl or 46

1- Arts and craft supplies for 2 year old
2- Clothing size 4t up for boys.
3- always open to montessori or waldorf inspired toys and activities, as well as books about waldorf in the home
4. toddler sized amber necklace

1- Baking pans especially US style (pie pan, cake pan ect)
2- organization tubs/bins/baskets ect
3- I love buddhist and asien oriented decor
4- cupboard organizors- shelf inserts, pan lid holders ect. Fridge baskets.
5- blender needs to be a german on I dont want to use a transformer.

1-Lanolin and wool wash open is fine
2- trainers for skinny 2 year old
3 Hemp inserts
4- overnight freindly fitteds

We love wahm products just shoot me your info and I will check out your stuff.

1- I am always open to trading for American products
2- board games
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