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Need Advice from others who had a Stroke or TIA (not sure where to post this?)

I am a 32 year old mother of 6. On March 17, 2013 I had a mini stroke or TIA. I have no lasting effects from it. While in the hospital they also found that I have a hole in my heart, that was most likely there since birth. They really didn't pinpoint an exact reason why I had the stroke. I was on birth control, Safryal, for a month back in mid december to beginning of January because my menstrual cycle was out of wack. My family dr doesn't seem to think that is what caused it. She thinks it was purely bad luck, she said a clot may of formed in my heart and it slipped through the hole and up to my brain.

So my question is are there any other stroke or TIA survivors out there in diaper swapper land who have had children AFTER their stroke/TIA? I know we already have 6 but my husband and I had always planned on 8. So far all the dr's I met with have it should not be an issue, especially since all my pregnancies have been perfectly normal with no problems. I am on daily aspirin now for the rest of my life and my family DR said in essence my next pregnancy would be safer than my previous because of being on the aspirin.

I have no idea where to turn about is one thing for dr's to tell you it is ok but I really want to meet others who have been in my shoes and who better understand this whole thing.
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