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Smile New to CD. So many questions need answering!

Hi guys I'm due in three weeks and have been collecting bits here and there for our cloth diaper adventure.
I plan to cd from day one do my first question is: is 5 bummis whisper wraps and 24 prefolds enough for the newborn stage? They are being passed down to me and don't want to buy more unless totally necessary. We are tryin to keep it cheap. I didn't realize they were cloth lined and thought I could just wipe them out. Any experience with these?
I also have 4 flips, 12 stay dry inserts, 6 NB inserts and another 24 prefolds.
Will this take us all the way to potty training?
I had planned on buying 6-10 flip covers for later but am at a complete loss and dont know if I have enough already or need a ton more.

Also what's your favorite brand of cloth wipes? I'm looking more towards terry/flannel combo but am open to any recommendations!

People keep talking about wool for NB. I'm into the idea and have a sz m one I found at a thrift store but don't understand how to use it/why it's so great for newborns.

What diaper sprayer is best? Do they all work pretty decently? I'm looking on eBay .

My baby is due in 3 weeks and want to be completely prepared from the get go.
I tried gdiapers with my first over 6 years go (before they has cloth) and gave up way too fast but my husband and I are completely dedicated to cd now and cannot wait to start!

Any info on the newborn stage or beyond is greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone!!!
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