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I need some encouragement. My teeth are awful. And I'm sad.

I have to have my FOURTH root canal Friday. I am *SO* sad about it.

Three years ago I swore off the dentist when they kept hurting me, they were rude, and I couldn't find one that was gentle. the treatments were expensive, and the only teeth that ever bothered me were the ones that they drilled. I've been working really hard to keep my teeth healthy. I floss and brush everyday like I should. I've been keeping a pretty good diet, low in carbs, low in sugar, not a ton of processed food (that's my typical diet, I do still indulge in bad things, it's just not the norm for me, typically). I've been taking supplements.

Monday, I was eating a delish salad, with dried cranberries and pecans and strawberries and I chomped on a pecan and my tooth felt funny. And since then, I've been spitting pieces of my tooth out. It's *LITERALLY* falling apart inside my mouth. It's all jagged and I can SEE the hole in it where it's crumbling.

It doesn't hurt yet, but I am scared to death of tooth pain. So I went to the dentist. And if there's anything I hate doing, it's going to the dentist. I'd rather file taxes. I'd rather scrub toilets. I even think I'd rather run over an animal in my car or fall and expose myself to everyone in Wal Mart. I'd probably rather chew gum scraped of the table at a bar... than go to the dentist.

But I put on my big girl panties, pumped a bottle of milk for my 2 week old (b/c you know, this type of thing never happens to me at a more convenient time, I'm always dealing with this crap right when I'm about to have - or just had - a new baby) ... found a sitter... found a dentist... and went.

And I think he was scared when he peered into my mouth. I mean, he *actually* looked fearful. Not for himself, but for me. Like when you see a three legged dog trying to cross the street, or you see a toddler so proud that they've climbed to the top of your washing machine....

and I need another root canal. So on Friday, on DH's day off this week, I get to spend the day getting my crappy tooth fixed, and paying money we don't have, and using up my valuable family time that isn't expendable.

I'm just really down about it. It just stinks.

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