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Re: I need some encouragement. My teeth are awful. And I'm sad.

I am sorry, I have definitely been there done that. I once went in for a cleaning and had 13 cavities and 4 of those were under fillings that they had to drill back out and put in new ones. I have lost count but I think I am 5 root canals, 1 bridge, and truly no idea how many fillings. Pretty sure I don't have an entire real tooth left in my mouth. My last root canal was literally a week after I got out of the hospital having dd #3. They said it probably would have felt worse sooner but I was taking pain meds from having my third c-section so once I got out of the hospital and wasn't taking them as often I really started to feel it. It was also in one of my front teeth and I will tell you that having novicane shots in the roof of my mouth was more painful than anything I have ever felt while in labor (I did go into labor before having my first two c-sections) or anything after having any of my c-sections. I have done everything I can not to my pass my dental phobias to my kids so made sure to find a great pediatric dentist that they love going to see. I am afraid though that my oldest seems to have inherited my bad teeth and just had her fourth filling and she is only about to turn 6.
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