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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by clothlover8 View Post
Hi all, I have read this thread many times but haven't posted, I am so surprised at how similar our journey has been to some here. We had 4 girls, dh went and had a Vasectomy which we both regretted and we had it reversed when our then youngest was 5. We have been blessed beyond belief with 4 post VR babies. We now have 8 children. 5 girls and 3 boys. I would truly love to leave our family size up to god, one huge factor for me though is that I have delivered all my children via c-section due to medical necessit. I was advised last delivery that it wouldn't be wise to have any more children as my uterus is thinning and scarred. I am 42 this year so feel like time is not on my side either, I strangely keep feeling like there is one more babe out there waiting to come into the family but I struggle to consider TTC knowing it's not what doctors recommend. Dh feels done but I now he would be open to another if he knew I really felt 100% about it. We are currenlty using condoms only. It's on my mind a lot. I pray about it a lot. Just wanted to share our story and thank everyone who has shared theirs
Can you get a 2nd opinion? Did the OB that recommended you not have anymore babies have experience with women with multiple C/S (besides you of course )? I only ask b/c I'm pregnant with #5 and it will be my 5th C/S - I find hope in knowing there are mamas out there who have had 8 C/S . Even at this stage in the game though I have heard from docs who don't support multiple C/S b/c they don't have experience with it...I don't know what I would do in your shoes? Would they deliver the baby early if you got pregnant again? Like 38 weeks? Will they work with you and just monitor you extra closely like with extra U/S or something? These are some of the questions I would ask before making up my mind I think...GL mama!
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