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Re: No good will come from this thread - talk me DOWN mamas...

I am a mama of 5 that homeschools. We also farm :wink:

I'm kinda crunchy in some ways. I milk goats and cows, make farm cheese, bottle raise critters, we raise our own meats,garden, can, steer a calf,sling hay bales,build a fence and carry a 50 pound feed sack on each shoulder effortlessly. I'm normally barefoot unless I'm in the barn or have to put my shoes on to walk in the door somewhere. I cloth diapered for the last 6+ years and I've worn my last three babies. We have no outside television.

Not so crunchy in others.I drive a gas guzzlin' monster of an SUV. I bought two packs of sposie pull-ups last night. One for the not yet night trained two year old and one for my 6 year old that still wets the bed at night. I grabbed two packs of bakery cookies on the way to checkout. I then stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. My 2 year old had requested a number 4 meal deal with a "baha iceeeecreamie" That is the same 2 year old I now refuse to wear because she intently plucks tiny hairs from the nape of my neck.

Oh, and my kids are also currently inside the house despite it being a beautiful day outside. They are on the couch,watching netflix (streamed to TV through the wii they adore) while I veg on DS. In my defense, I am using my left hand to make butter right now.
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