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Re: Panicking!! Help!! (Long)

Got any friends or family who might be able to loan you a few "emergency" baby supplies, just until you can get your own?
As others have said, you've got the real essentials - diapers and boobs, but a few onsies, sleepers, blankets, and a car seat will also be necessary. Check the classifieds and the consignment stores - you can often get good stuff quite cheaply!
Try not to panic or stress - maybe try to look at it as a fun challenge. Like, say, I've got $10 or $15 dollars to spend this week, and here's my list, how much can I get from the list for that money? And then do some bargain hunting. You'll be just fine.
By the way - there might even be some mamas here who can donate/loan some stuff. If I was near you, I'd definitely have a bit from my boxes to share.
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