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They must have it on hand, for medical reasons. But they do not HAVE to supply it to you for FREE. Bring your own. We bring our diapers....

Where I birth, there is nothing there that is given to you, for free. If you need formula, they'll happily bill you for it. Which I think is reasonable. You do know you are giving birth. You do pick out a homecoming outfit, ectx it's just part of your hospital bag, if you choose. It's likely under lock and key and given out to those who need it, not choose it. There is a difference, agree with that or not. And if a patient gets it, they PAY for it.

Perhaps that's where the miscommunication is happening. They are not going to give it to you, just cause. But will sell it to you for cash or bill your insurance (which likely won't cover, unless medically necessary)
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