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Re: Buying a workhorse/industrial sewing machine.

Industrial machines are designed to do one thing, SS, ZZ, flatlock, you get the point. They can be good bargains, used but they take a lot of room and you need to choose what stitch you want. There is also the issue of speed, I can't recall for sure but I think you have not been sewing long? Industrial machines are about 5 times faster then most home machines, that could be dangerous until you get used to them.

I have the Janome 6600 and I wish I could recommend it but the thing balks at going over seams, even fairly light ones(2 to 4 layers of quilting cotton). For a machine that has a MSRP of $2,500 it really should be engineered better. I do like it for other things but it's a bit of a prima-donna with thread and needles, that annoys me.

I also have a new Juki 600(300 and 400 are lesser versions) and I can't say enough good things about that, it will go through anything without balking, Juki started and still is mostly Industrial so I think that is why. I would recommend one of that line, you should be able to get the 600 for about $800 and less for the 3/400.

Keep in mind that the second you use a non industrial machine for a business you void the warranties. Make sure when you are shopping that you don't mention a home business.

I would still keep an eye out for an old Kenmore(or other vintage), if nothing else you will need a back up for when your main machine is in the shop for servicing.
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