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12 OsoCozy + 12 Orange GMD = $45 PPD

Hi mamas,

I have 2 dozen prefolds available for sale. 12 are OsoCozy better fit, the red-edged kind, and 12 are white/bleached orange-edged (newborn size) GMD prefolds.

Some background on the diapers: I bought these used and they were in excellent condition. I did bleach them initially, for hygiene purposes, but from there on used only Tide Free and Gentle. Looking at each individual diaper, I can't find any stains on them; my baby is breastfed and any stains would be extremely faded. These are awesome during those early stages when you are going through a bunch of diapers every single day. We used these with snappis, but the OsoCozy are meant to be tri-folded and stuffed in a diaper, so they can last much longer than newborn stage. My baby outgrew the GMD prefolds extremely fast. Honestly, I used these for about two weeks before we moved to pocket diapers (DH does a lot of our diapering at night and he prefers something easy for those midnight changes).

Asking price: $45 for 2 dozen or $25 for 1 dozen. I would like to keep them together. Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA.

And here are a couple of shots of the prefolds:

GMD Orange-Edge Prefolds:

OsoCozy Prefolds:

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