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Re: What has your favorite age to parent been?

Whatever age my babies are currently in! I try to focus on the positive, and find special things to love about all stages.

My 3 year old is especially challenging me lately, yet when I compare it to my baby, at least he can talk to me and communicate more clearly. I love that he can talk to me, tell me stories, tell me he loves me. I'm not enjoying back talking, but can't really say back talking is that much worse than the full blown screaming, throw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming that occured in toddler years before he turned into a preschooler. I love that he is more able to reason, understand and communicate. I love when he asks what new words mean; today it was "what does perfect mean?" I LOVE answering his questions, engaging his mind and teaching him all that he's interested in. I LOVE how he tries to teach his younger brother things and that he even tries to teach ME things he's learned (like how to work this funny remote to some kind of media storage device that plays movies on our TV that I stilllll don't know how to use!).

Then there's my baby. I will be straight up honest: I did not enjoy my oldest when he was a baby. It is true that he wasn't as easy as my second, but I blame myself for being so darn negative and not looking past that and focusing on the positive to truly enjoy him. My youngest is so, so easy to love. He's a sweet heart. Eh, he's not the world's best sleeper. He thinks I'm an all night buffet. He's almost a toddler and getting harder to please. At times its challenging to find "me" time. But he's learning new things all the time. It is sooo amazing to watch him bang things together, bounce a ball and just look at the world with AMAZEMENT.
As he's transitioning into a toddler, I remember the difficulties, for sure. But I also look back to all the videos I took of every new word, new behaviors, new skills.

Typing this out has even caused me to become a bit emotional thinking beyond the difficulties and acknowledging just how incredibly blessed I feel to be a witness and steward to their growth and learning. The truth is, I hope I find amazement and pride in what my children are learning until the day I die, no matter how old they become.
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