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We didn't put her in kindergarten, she started 1st grade this school year. She did great in the beginning.

Well I noticed a couple months ago she was having some poo in her underwear when she got home. It happened few times then stopped and then shed have a few more...

Well now its almost a daily thing!! I can smell it whenever I get her in the car seat to go home. She gets embarrassed when I ask if she had an accident. I ask her when it happened and she says she didn't know. When I clean her up it is very dried on most of the time. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten any rashes.

She says that they are only allowed to use the bathroom if its an emergency. Which I can understand. We all know how kids at school like to go to the bathroom all the time lol.
I've told her having to poop IS an emergency.

She hasn't pooped once at school. I've asked her. She tries to hold it. How can I fix this? I don't want her to be the smelly kid. And I can't believe the teachers haven't smelt this and brought it up! Its all I can smell when she come near me.

I feel so bad for her. She's also been coming home with a bad attitude these last few weeks. Which isn't like her. And today she said she didn't want to go to school anymore and that she want to be homeschooled again. :-/ she loved school a month ago and couldn't wait to go!! something's up.

She will be 7 in may.
I've thrown out at least 3-4 pairs of underwear this month. We all know how not cheap kids underwear are lol
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