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Re: I hear this a lot, and don't "get it".....

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
Yes. I may not understand the religious debater, but I do understand common English, lol. I figured that the homosexual population (is that okay?) was large enough that it wasn't a huge issue.
LOL I wasn't insinuating that you didn't understand my diction (bahaha..had to), but I just felt like a hole kept coming up in the previous explanations that was leading you not to understand. It's not really how big the population is but what the population has suffered. Spin it this way...the black/african american population is very large but still a minority who has suffered oppression, unequal rights, etc and still sensitive to some descriptors.

Oh and honestly..just stick with gay and/or lesbian and you'll be fine. No homosexual as it tends to be used in a more derogatory way even though that's not how YOU are using it

Originally Posted by Hope4More View Post
that's no fair... it sounds funny.
lol I'll PM you what she texted me.
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