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Re: I hear this a lot, and don't "get it".....

Originally Posted by EmilyMae12 View Post
I pink sparkly heart love what this thread has become.

Animals can be gay, gay is natural and that argument has nothing to do with people, people aren't animals, people are animals, some people are eggplants and scallions, blah blah religion, cleaning products and water-crafts, God, gods, science, pluto is not a planet, floating goats, schmashmortion, chit chat about who should and shouldn't be banned, extended philosophical/religious commentary, the hotness of the actor that plays Thor, I'm offended, you're offended, why are you offended? I didn't mean to offend, lesbian bat signals, cats and lesbian cohabitation tendencies.

Admittedly, there were a couple, IMO, worthwhile posts in this mess but mostly shenanigans

Consider this an option if you look at this thread and think "tl;dr"
Where in the heck were YOU an hour ago when I started reading this thread, anyway? You would have just saved me so much time. So basically, it started with gays and animals, and it ended with gays and animals, so does that mean that you guys actually stayed on topic? Impressive (or feel free to inject a thesaurus word for impressive here if you'd like, because looking it up would require me to put down my Oreos).
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