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We start teaching chores at 2 and it progresses from there. My 2 year old is in charge of making her bed, helping pick up the play room daily, and help unload dishes. By five they have chores like planning and help make a meal, emptying trash and sweeping, picking up sticks, helping with things like laundry, mopping, washing walls, outside chores. By ten they start doing their own laundry, doing dishes, making dinner, etc. By this age they can do most of the upkeep.
My average day is.
Get up drink coffee throw in laundry, get b fast, I pick up as I go but play room is a disaster buy the time nap chores. I do s load of dishes and start dinner if it's my night ( each kid above 5 has a dinner night and so does dh) . Each kid has a chore that night. Dishes, bathrooms, living room pickup and vacuum. Dh helps 2 year old clean playroom. Each teen has a laundry day and must keep rooms passable. Saturday my Ds spends 3 hours doing weekly housekeeping in the winter if snow jobs aren't available. I pay him for this work as it's above normal work.
So in my house everyone helps and mom can do things like school the littles and sew.
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