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Re: Teaching kids housekeeping skills

My older 2 are 4.5 and 5.5.
Things they do every day:
Pick up toys in playroom and living room
Get living room ready to vacuum (they spend a lot of the day in there, DH and I do at night, so they need to have it picked up before he comes home)
Make beds
Put shoes on shoe shelf
Put books on book shelf
Take own dishes to the sink

Things that all 3 help me with as needed (5, 4 and 2):
Pick up dining room floor
put away dishes (the ones on lower shelves)
wash windows
collect dirty laundry and take to laundry room
put away groceries
sort laundry
match socks
put away their own folded laundry

And probably a few other things that I just ask them to do on occasion. We really stress that we are all working together to get things done. Mom is not a slave. They are always welcome to trade jobs with me (washing dishes, cooking meals, doing laundry, etc.) but so far no one has taken me up on the offer
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