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Re: Teaching kids housekeeping skills

We started with personal responsibility type chores around 2.
Things like:
take your dishes to the sink/dishwasher
throw your trash away
put your shoes away
put your laundry in the dirty hamper
hang up your towel after bath (hook)
put toys in the playroom
pick out clothes for the next day

As they get older they start to be able to do more team type chores-aka chores that aren't all about them.
Gather up the trash in the house (this includes putting new bags in the empty cans)
vacuum (I start by doing the main vacuum and they use the hose to do baseboards and around furniture)
wiping down cleared tables/counters
setting the table

Somewhere in there they start helping sort the laundry. They already bring me hangers. Then it progresses to helping with putting it in, moving it from washer to dryer, folding. DS1 is 10 and in 5th grade. This year I gave him his own hamper and made him responsible for his own laundry. He even has a specific day he is supposed to do it.

I try to get DS1 in the kitchen with me at least once a week to help with the actual food prep and cooking.

Coming up, Saturday morning was house cleaning time. My sister dusted and vacuumed. I cleaned the bathrooms. Mom cleaned the kitchen. Dad randomly cleaned woodwork, washed windows, or polished brass. My sister and I took turns mowing the lawn. (I'm pretty sure all of this happened from 5/6th grade on)
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