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Monday 3.25.13: cleaned the drawer. Tossed some broken crap.

Tuesday 3.26.13: tosed some old medicine cups

Wednesday 3.27.13: Purge 5 toys/coloring books gone

Thursday 3.28.13: 13 dvds/cds donated

Friday 3.29.13: this was sort of bonus task 1. I had a huge pile of papers that I had to go through.

BONUS TASK #1: Tackled the pile 'o papers that I was dreading. Found the tax forms ~ yay!

BONUS TASK #2: Washed the bag of bedding for my brother ~ put it off for a few weeks but finished it this am

BONUS TASK #3: went to my local cloth B&M store & hit up Target all alone.

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k

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