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Originally Posted by beckstar
hey ladies. im newly and a bit shockingly pg. with a due date in early december. that ddc is totally slow and im positively bursting at the seams to interact w/ fellow pg mamas...

can i hang out here? i mean, my twins were born 3wks early...all my other kids were either right on time, or a bit late, i would be so surprised to deliver in november...

anyway, im becky. nice to 'meet' y'all. history of loss, so my stay may be short...but im gonna live it up while i can.

of course, you're probably a bit further along than i am in symptoms and what do pardon my newness. all i have so far is some fleeting nausea and cramping, which i welcome. ive also been getting some RL pain and this weird fluttering in my tummy like im being kicked...had that since the morning i got my bfp...

today's test progression:

225 by becksfluff, on Flickr
Congrats! We aren't very active in here either, mostly on Facebook!

I was so excited when I saw you got a BFP!!
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