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Originally Posted by beckstar
argh this is the part of pregnancy that seems to be the worst for me. i am so nervous that i'll wake up tomorrow and it will be over. i have had 3 m/c in between my 5 children, but have had 3 healthy children (2 pregnancies) in a row and just feel like the odds are against me...add that to the whole factor that we aren't even over the moon about being pg (tho you know i'm more and more attached every second), and i just wonder if fate is going to give us the ol' heave ho.

hubs says he's getting a v on tuesday. this is definitely our Last Chance.

so i've been doing couch to 5k and am nearly finished. my body has really gotten into shape (not completely, i still have a long way to go) and i'd like to finish the program. i also drink a bunch of coffee...i know that i can continue to jog (right?) but what is the best way to cut the caffeine...i usually drink espresso but today i made a pot of coffee that was 2/3 regular and 1/3 decaf...i plan to increase the decaf over the next few days until that is all im drinking...i think i drank espresso throughout my entire pregancny last time, tho i may have dodged the first tri...

i just get SO tired and i have a lot of people to keep up with. that and we aren't telling anyone im pg, so i cant really just take random naps whenever i i'd be able to anyway.

anyways, the other thing about super early pg is that it's so under the surface. not showing, not feeling movement, not really feeling a ton of one knows...the ddc board is barely active...just a LOT of internal dialogue...arghhhhh!
I feel the same way! Internal dialogue...good description. I haven't miscarried but I still worry. I can't help but make plans, but I worry that maybe I shouldn't. But I can't help but be attached!'s hoping our first trimester goes by quickly and smoothly.

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