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Originally Posted by lalakiwi7
we are gonna be buying a mini van once our tax return comes back so we are also waiting on that.... I am debating on buying a mini cosleeper because I have a bassinet and I have a pack n play that has a raised bed but they are both so big and bulky. We do co-sleep eventually but my hubby is a super sound sleeper and i would be way too nervous... also dd usually sleeps with us as well so not sure were a newbie would fit but still can't decide if I will yet....

the other thing I think I might get is a angel monitor.... i am still on the edge though.
Oh yeah, we are going to sell my car and buy a minivan too. We plan on doing that in May or June though. We're hopeful that it will not involve much, if any, cash out of pocket though. My car is only 5 years old and we plan to buy a used van so we'll see.

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