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Any other suggestions??

Ok here is my story...My LO is 4 months old and at her recent check-up Dr told me that I needed to switch her to formula because she has lost weight. I came home, cried and then did my research. I have recently noticed that my supply has gone down drastically. My LO sleeps from 9pm-7am with NO FEEDING sessions at night. During the day she nurses every 4 hours and wont eat more than that. I thought I was supposed to nurse according to her cues and that is what I was doing. The Dr told me there wasnt enough calories in my breastmilk and I should stop nursing.

So here is what I started doing. I am taking 3 Fenugreek pills 3x a day, 2 Blessed Thistle pills 3x a day and a Lactation Support pill (from my local health store) 1 pill 3x a day. I am try to pump in between feedings but I dont always get it done. It has been over a week and there is no change. When I pump I am only getting 1-2oz total.

Can you experienced Mommas give me any more advice as to other things I can do to boost my milk supply. I was told by an LC that its not a calorie problem its a quantity problem. My LO is not receiving enough milk when she nurses but I give her enough to make her content til the next time. I have given her a bottle after i nurse her and she will eat another 3 oz so I know that she is still hungry after she nurses on both sides. I was giving her a pacifier but was also told to take that away becuase the pacifier is replacing her want to nurse.

I would appreciate any ideas you can give me. Other herbs I can take, different tricks to pumping or enticing her to nurse. I will do anything to help keep her nursing.
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