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Re: how do you pack a house?

What do you mean you posted in the wrong forum? No, it was fate that we should find this thread.

I like the idea of indexing boxes. I've labeled them in the past, but then I still have to look at each box. A few things I'm doing for our next move are: minimizing as much as possible. This may not work for everyone, but for the ladies on this forum, it's very appropriate. I'm also trying to do as much in advance as I can. We aren't moving for a year, but I'm already going through my "sell" pile. From all my purging i had nice pile of things that would be worth it to sell. (I donate most things). Holy cow, selling is a ton of work! I'm so glad I'm doing this now and not immediately before the move.

Also, we're thinking a lot more critically about whether or not it is worth it to move an item. What does it cost to move it? To replace? What would be get from selling it? Would we even replace it if we purged it? Everything is up for discussion; from our second car, to the TV, to clothes and kitchen stuff.

Finally, I've made a list of things don't want to bring, but that I do want to do something with before moving. For example, I have a shelf of paper books I want to read (except for these, we're all digital). I've decided I don't want to move the books, and it gives me motivation and a deadline for reading them. Also, I have some fabric I don't want to move, so I've got to sew it up!

Sounds like the OP is moving soon, but I hope some of this helps.
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