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Re: Any other suggestions??

How many times a day is baby nursing? I agree with a pp to offer even if she isn't asking for it, every 2-3 hours is good to aim for. 4 hours sounds like a really long time for a 4 month old. Maybe without the paci she will be more interested.

You could take all the medications and supplements available to you but it won't increase your supply enough if your baby is not nursing often.

I have found that nursing at least once between 1-5 am is really beneficial to supply and mine at least nurses pretty well when he's drowsy because he's not distractable. The early am feeding is helpful to your overall production because that's when your prolactin levels are highest (says an LC I worked with and my own doctor). For a while I was waking up ds to eat by 3:00 am if he hasn't already woken up so that he could get that extra session and help my production. That long stretch overnight just sounds really long for 4 months. I know some babies do it though. If you don't want to wake her you could get up and pump but baby to boob is easier and you don't have to wake up all the way to do that.
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