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Feeling bummed, sore and tired...

I don't normally post here, but I need to whine and I'm pretty sure y'all will get it.

This is baby 5 for me. We are excited about welcoming a new little one. I am not looking forward to change, though.

And I'm REALLY not looking forward to labor and delivery. My last two were extremely quick and painful. My toddler was also 9.5lbs! My OB said that this baby was feeling bigger than typical at 35 weeks, and he certainly moves with force and like he's big. I'm dreading the pain of more consistent contractions.

Not only that, but I'm dreading labor because my mom was supposed to come and now she's not because my dad is seriously ill. We have a good grandparently couple more than willing to come watch the kids, but I hate burdening them. Who knows how long labor will last? They'll be with the kids more than just watching them for a date or something...

AND, I don't want to really be in the hospital. I'm high risk and have no choice. But I don't want to be away from my kids and miss things.

And because of all of those feelings, I feel guilty like I'm not looking forward to this new baby!

Did I mention I'm sore and achey and low on patience?!

I'd like to get past this funk, though, because I'm 39wks and while I don't anticipate a baby till next week, the truth is, he could come this week too!
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