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Re: August 2013 chat ~ April 1-6 ~

we don't do pranks for April Fools.

I did find out I was pregnant with DS on April Fools day and dh thought it was a prank

I got DD in for an allergy test next Thursday in the meantime I need to get her to feel better I think she is allergic to the dander from long haired dogs.

About a month ago she was unconcious for most of the day and throwing up. Turns out we think she had a migraine She had been around my sisters golden retriever the weekend before

Then this weekend my sister and family were down for Easter. After being in my parents house for 5 minutes DD's nose started running big time. Then that night she complained that her head hurt Now she has the rattly phlemy cough

But my other sister's bf has a chiwawa and DD is perfectly fine around him.

This girl LOVES dogs...we did a dog theme for her 2nd bday. Her lovey is a huskey dog
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