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Re: kawaii diapers?

Another Kawaii fan here. As others have said, the regular OS pockets are too bulky on a small nb and not tall enough in the rise for large babies (like mine didn't fit past 23 lbs). The Pure and Naturals are quite small and would fit from 7-22 lbs.

The HD2s are really great for larger babies as have a higher rise and are good for daycare as have velcro...really strong durable velcro that stays strong. Like the PP says, they square tab velcro is the best. They are OS but were humungous on my son until about 12 lbs, when they started to fit well. They are bulkier than BG when stuffed with the mf inserts they come with, but if you substitute with other inserts (I like Thirsties hemp inserts and MotherEase cotton terry or bamboo liners) then they are very trim and very dependable for heavy wetters.

My son is a heavy wetter and can go 2.5 hours easily...has been left up to 4 hours at daycare without leaks ...not that I like that or do that to him at home

I got mine from (and some from a seller on eBay that ships from there) but you get free shipping over $80 directly from the site.
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