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Re: This is our first month TTC #2 *Possible TMI*

Hi! I am lurking here too. Congrats on your first month TTC! We start next month but I am so excited! Hopefully you are in the pregnancy forum by then. I just wanted to comment real quick about you O'ing on CD 9-10 and having 30+ day cycles. Are you using OPKs or what makes you think that is when you O? A 20 LP is unheard of from what I understand. It could be your body is gearing up to O with EWCM but for some reason it doesn't and your actual O is more towards day 15. That happened to me this cycle. I temp and use OPKs so I knew I hadn't O'd even though my CF led me to think I had. I might keep BDing until CD 15 or so just to be safe you don't miss it. I hope you catch that egg!
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