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Re: Taxes for large familes

Originally Posted by Sarah-B View Post
So here is another question

What if you are a single mom of 3 kids and do not work and have $0 income besides child support ($10,000 per year). (You eat off of food stamps and wic) would she get a refund for the 3 kids?

I know a lady who has this situation I have described. And dh says if you don't work you don't get $ back.
He also says if a mom were single (say she has 3 kids) and made $20,000 in a year. If she had $4,000 withheld from her check she is only eligible to receive $4,000 back although she has 3 children. I think she would get $3,300 per child. What are your thoughts on these 2 situations I have described?

You get tax returns on money paid in. The EIC or earned-income tax credit is specifically for earned income, aka a job. Its set up so that you get more credit with a higher adjusted gross income, up to a certain maximum income. People that get the largest tax returns from credits probably do not qualify for food stamps, but they might qualify for WIC among other higher income government programs.
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