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Originally Posted by Sarah-B
So here is another question

What if you are a single mom of 3 kids and do not work and have $0 income besides child support ($10,000 per year). (You eat off of food stamps and wic) would she get a refund for the 3 kids?

I know a lady who has this situation I have described. And dh says if you don't work you don't get $ back.
He also says if a mom were single (say she has 3 kids) and made $20,000 in a year. If she had $4,000 withheld from her check she is only eligible to receive $4,000 back although she has 3 children. I think she would get $3,300 per child. What are your thoughts on these 2 situations I have described?

You have to have earned income to get a refund. I think mom 1 would get nothing...and would have no reason to file a return. Mom 2 would get a big refund through child tax credit and earned income credit. She would likely have 0 withheld for income tax on that low of an income with 3 kids. She would get a refund of $3000 of child tax credit and $20,000 earned income would qualify her for $5272 in EIC. Those credits have nothing to do with your withholding.

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