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Re: gender disappointment?

You're not alone. We find out in two weeks what this baby is and I've felt since before I knew for sure I was pregnant that it was a boy. I'm pretty sure I have myself convinced it is definitely a boy. We have a boy name picked out (I have since I was younger) but since I picked the boy name, DH is supposed to be picking the girl's name and he's slacking. I'm slacking on encouraging him to do it because I just feel that this baby's a boy and it won't be needed. :/

This means Murphy's Law pretty much guarantees it's actually a girl, LOL.

There will definitely be some feelings of disappointment on my part, and DH's, if it's a girl but we will love her anyway and get over it quickly, there's no doubt. Plus, then I get to pick out the pretty PINK cloth diapers and pick out more exciting clothes!

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