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Re: When to intervene with thumbsucking?

I was a thumb sucker. I sucked my thumb for YEARS! probably well into grade school. I was the only one of my 4 siblings who DIDN'T need braces. I also, like a pp, still have the instinct to suck my thumb, but I don't. My parents encouraged me not to suck, and my mom bribed me (with cpk's ) but I never did give it up until I was ready. It was my comfort.

Now my dd is a thumb sucker. She has a very obvious (and much stronger than my other kids) need to suck for comfort. She is still bf'ing at 26 months, along with her thumb.

I have no intention of stopping her completely. During the day, out in public, maybe. But not at sleep time, and not if she is clearly upset about something. She WILL stop on her own someday, and having been through what she is going through first hand, I don't want to take that away from her.
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