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Re: Cheap fitted diapers??

Okay, ladies, here are the pics finally.

Total cost to make: $2.00 (what I paid for the two flats when I originally bought them several months ago). The elastic and thread I already had in my sewing basket, so didn't need to purchase them.

Two layer fitted made from two old flats. I turned and topstitched instead of serging because I figured it would probably hold better over the long run with the loosely woven birdseye.

The original RRP had a pocket opening in the back that I didn't like. I wanted to padfold my flat and use it to lay in the fitted instead of having to stuff it, so when I made the fitted, I just closed off the pocket opening and put in elastic along the back to help keep the poo off my wool.

With a padfolded flat laid inside, ready for LO's bottom. The flat is a small GMD.

Here it is after being snappied on.

Pretty trim (I think). We've been using these under wool for nearly two months and have still not needed a doubler even once. I've used them successfully during the day, at nap time, and at night. It lasts my 13-month average wetter 12 hours at night and has still not even been completely wet at the end of the night.

I LOVE that I decided to put the elastic along the back. It has helped contain poo so many times.

Under a Woollybottoms soaker.

Oh, and for what it's worth, it was extremely easy to make. This was my first fitted diaper that I've ever made and after the first two, I was able to make one in about 45 minutes from start to finish. (Disclaimer: I like to sew but haven't done it regularly for a couple years.) I'm hoping to get a chance some time this week to make some more to bulk up my stash since I love them so much. HTH!
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