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So... the reason we are all here

Shall we discuss diapers? What are you planning to use?

As for me, I prefolds on newborns and smaller babies. I still have my prefolds from my previous babies and I have a good sized xsmall cover stash since we had saved those to use on the baby dolls, but I will need to buy some larger covers. I will most likely stick with Thirsties because I know I like them.

I also love fitteds, but sold all but four of my fitteds from previous babies. I only allowed myself to keep the four I would be devastated to be without if I had a surprise baby and I am super glad I allowed myself to keep them, so I again will be needing larger covers.

I bought 8 newborn THX AIOS in a recent coop for babysitters and dad to use while baby is smaller, but I have a huge stash of pockets for when baby outgrows those. I bought 12 sunbabies at the end of our cding my other two and my sister bought 24 sunbabies to use on her girls that she is giving to me. I gifted the 5 boyish ones I have to a friend, not because I opposed to using them on a girl but because I would seriously have 36 pockets! My sister's diapers all have the inserts, but I stuffed mine with prefolds, so I will have some options there on what to do. I actually loathe pockets , but they are super convenient for babysitters and dads.

So, I am not spending too much on diapers at this point in time, since I can reuse some of my fluff, I have bought all I need to buy before baby comes and only spent $50 on 8 AIOS and 2 Size One Thirsties covers. (I technically needed none of it, but come on, I had to buy some stuff so I could get excited! )

As baby grows, I will probably get a handfull of alvas just to have some fun new prints, and then a handful of covers.

I am most excited about getting to use my custom mei tei again.
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