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Originally Posted by ktmelody
The straps are way to high for FF. they need to be at or above the shoulders and if you go down a notch they still should be above.

I would rear face her though. Straps below the shoulders.
In going to turn her back around today.

When she's awake she sits up high enough for the strap setting as it is (in ff mode). If I put it down one, its too far below her shoulders for ff. That's the big problem we've had with figuring our this FF thing with her, when we were forced to do it bc of the small car (we had the small car temporarily bc our old van was totaled and we had a Camry on loan for a few weeks).

Does anyone else have this problem with ff? How do you deal with it? I'm turning her back to rf anyway, but someday I'll have to figure it out.
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