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Re: Mom admits she regrets having children.

I do very much believe that some woman don't have mother instincts. And I also think that is perfectly fine. Dh has a very good friend who has never wanted kids and never will have them. She was lucky enough to find a man who felt the same. her dh got a vasectomy several years ago. Funny thing is though they have agreed to be our kids guardians. I don't think they would have if they were still infants. she likes our kids, she likes her own nieces and nephews. She just doesn't have any desire to me a mother. Sounds like an odd choice as a guardian I know, but we know she will love our kids more then anyone else we have to choose from. And she will expose them to the world.

Anyway she likes her life as it is and is the first to say she has no motherly instincts at all.

My only issue with this woman is that she knew she didn't want to be a mother but had 2 kids anyway. I don't think that is fair to anyone. I am almost positive my grandmother felt the same. She only had kids because it was what she was suppose to do and her kids suffered. I can't imagine coming out publicly like this is good for her kids- no matter how old they are. i think her confession really does show that she never wanted kids. not in her actual words but in the fact that she confesses and doesn't know or care how this could hurt her children.

And I don't think society as a whole will ever be ok with women not wanting children. Especially with religions that believe sex is only for procreation and preventing conception as a sin.
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