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Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Don't beat yourself up! We all have our moments where something happened that we could have prevented.

When my DD2 was only a month old I took her, DS (4) and DD1 (2) to the park. She was in her carseat attached to the stroller. We were walking back to the car and I was talking to a mom who's son was in my son's preschool class and I heard a car start so I looked around for my 2 year old daughter and saw her behind the car that just started. I quickly put the brake on the stroller and ran and grabbed her from behind the car. Just as I was feeling relief that I grabbed her I saw the stroller rolling down the hill! The other mom ran after it and luckily it hit a curb before careening down the hill into a tree so she grabbed the handle. I thought the brake on the stroller was engaged but it obviously was not.

Let me tell you something- it took me a long time to get over my guilt about what happened that day. I felt like I almost killed two of my kids. But I took what happened that day and used it to make me a better mom. Whenever we are in a parking lot or near where there are any cars whatsoever my kids are holding onto me- if one of them so much as tries to walk away I turn into crazy mom because there is no way that I am going to let what happened happen again.
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