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Re: 8 days old and too sleepy to nurse.

I had that with last really bad as he was jaundice. If you have a decent supply I would massage breast as he/she eats to help he/she get more at each feeding that helped us get more in and so output did too and all in all helped with growth. Pediatrician was like feed formula and it won't affect supply.... wrong! breastfeeding is supply and demand and my supply was in before I left the hospital and now I really don't need to help except when it is my bigger breast as it is "massive " on the one side and sometimes odd to get milk out of but I did that with my toddler I breastfed too for a long while unless side by side nursing.

Good luck. As the lactation consultant I saw was like if kind of eating then only getting a little but but if you massage more comes when baby sucks milk. you do need to hear a gulping sound and that is what massaging helps with in first few days if sleepy. Plus you do need to wake to feed at this point so change a diaper and feed as much as you can massage in and in a few hours after that again if needed. You don't want to go to the hospital for dehydration of the baby.
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