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Re: Any carseat as narrow as diono?

Originally Posted by MamaZnR View Post
It's more about fitting people in the back not other seats. Thanks for the suggestions so fat!
The same thing sort of applies for people too - if a person is widest at his/her seating surface (so to speak ), then a seat with a narrow base (that is overall quite wide) can be easier to sit next to than something like a Radian.

Also, depending on the contours of the vehicle seat and the contours of the child seat, some seats will be easier to install closer to the door, leaving more room on the rest of the vehicle seat for passengers.

Your best bet is probably to try some seats and see what seems to be a good solution for your car. Here is a spreadsheet with information about convertible seats; it includes their overall width. But like I said, don't let that one number be the determining factor of what seats you end up trying.
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