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Re: April UYS chatter thread

Nope...My husband will be smashing it with a sledge hammer until they come down. A lot more work, but free. We have a 3k budget, but are hoping to only spend around 1k to rebuild the whole thing (I was going to extend and make larger, but the city is being a pain in the rear end, so that won't be happening ) What ever is left over will go towards new porch furniture (a new chair for me and something for the kids- and then the rest put away for the living room reno- which will be taking down all the walls, installing a back door, new lighting, etc.- can you tell we are really into DIYing? Did all that to 3/4 of the house so far!)

I should grab a before picture and post it here...The thing is literally rotting and NEEDs to go (go figure, the roof is like brand new?). So we are tearing everything else down but the roof, supporting it, and then re-building. Oh- the fun part it that it is the only entrance into the house! (old home got grandfathered in with only one doorway...)
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