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Every parent has these moments. When DS was 2 I held his hand all the way up the stairs. At the top, I let go. Standing right next to him, he suddenly tumbled down a flight of 15 stairs, and I caught him by the ankle right before his head hit the tile below. I thought "I was standing right there? How did this happen?!"

When DS was 3 my husband had him on his shoulders like he always did, he was holding him by the wrists. Well, he went to change positions and grab his ankles instead and at that EXACT MOMENT DS decided to playfully throw himself backwards, falling off my 6ft hubby's shoulders and onto the tile entryway IN FRONT OF COMPANY. I have never seen my husband cry, but he did that day. He felt soo badly. Luckily DS was fine, but his back was sore for a few days, and he got to veg out on the couch.

I always read s out accidents with kids and. Just assumed the parents were terrible! Once you become a mama you quickly learn it will happen no matter what, in some way or another.

I'm so happy to hear your little one is okay! Don't beat yourself up!

please forgive all typos due to auto correct's lack of mind reading abilities. :-)
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