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Re: I'm making fat-free milk?

My guess is that your pumping sessions just aren't long enough, so you're getting a higher volume of milk, but it's not long enough to get the higher proportion of the fattier milk out. Milk gradually changes over the nursing/pumping session from less fatty (foremilk) to more fatty (hindmilk), just because of the way the fat globules stick together in the milk ducts and the work/time required to get them out (or something like that ).

Can you lengthen the pumping sessions? See if additional time would get more hindmilk out?

There has been no research that shows that the amount of fat a woman consumes makes a difference in the fat in her milk. The type of fat will change (like if you eat trans fats, your milk will contain trans fats; if you eat monounsaturated fats, it will contain those), but the amount does not change. So eating extra fat has not been shown to do anything for milk production or calories.
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