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Re: August 2013 chat ~ April 1-6 ~

Originally Posted by mvp529 View Post
My son has seizures too : (
How old is she again? Maybe I thought she was older
She's 2 1/2. I have epilepsy myself. It's one thing to go through them yourself, but a totally different thing to watch your 16 m. old have them. Thankfully, he doesn't have them unless his temp gets too high when he's sick.

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
I haven't heard of any drugs helping aspergers. I think I would have heard about it too because my inlaws (say) they are willing to do anything to get BIL to move out. He is 28 years old and living at home. I personally think that he will never move out.
I haven't heard of any drugs helping with aspergers either. Even though I don't work outside the home anymore, I still try to stay up to date with things like that, since it used to pertain to my job (SPED teacher).

Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
working on some small/med cabled longies today =)
Wow Amber...those are really pretty!!! I can't do cables...
Originally Posted by sisu View Post
We're waiting....

My guess is pink.
I'm thinking he's going to say pink too! Any update dad?!

AFM: We got through the funeral yesterday. Let's just say there are some members of my extended family that it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if I didn't see them anymore. DS was acting up so much during the first few min. of the funeral that I had to get up and leave. DH couldn't get off of work and only my BIL and niece tried to help. I sat on a bench outside the funeral home and for a while. I know sitting in the funeral isn't that big of a deal (it's not like grandpa was actually there anyway), but it's the fact that there were much more distant relatives that could have helped but didn't even offer and they got to stay. I somehow got placed next to my great aunt (she married into the family) that things her children and grandchildren are perfect and used to try to tell me that I had no right to keep my kids in church before they were able to sit and be perfectly still and quiet (my thinking are they going to learn to do that unless you teach them....huh?!). Anyway, I got stuck next to her and what little bit I was actually in the funeral she shot me dirty looks everytime either of my kids even breathed, much less wiggled or started to cry. At the graveside, she didn't even look at the minister, she sat there and stared at me (standing up and pg mind you) ang shot me dirty looks the entire time. That's why I think I could go the rest of my life and not see some of them.

My oldest sister and my mom couldn't go to the viewing/recieving of friends the night before because both had come down with a NASTY virus. My sis (33 w pg) ended up at the hossy because of ctx and had to get two bags of fluids. Ctx stopped and she was able to make it to the funeral. Last night I started with it.....still feeling this morning.

Another thing that happened during all of this was at the viewing/recieving of friends DH found out that I knew the gender of the baby. He got upset and claimed he knew what it was based off of how I talked after he found out I knew. The funny thing was he said it was the opposite gender than what it actually is!. He said the next morning that he wasn't upset that I knew, but that I didn't tell him that I knew and he found out through other family members that I knew the sex but wasn't telling. I can understand that. After we had a nice chat, he wanted to know what it was, so I told him. He hasn't said anything about telling anyone else in the family, so right now I guess we'll both keep it under our hats.

On a much brighter note, my diaperbag should be comming today!!!!
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