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Re: Anyone have a DH that was NOT considering a large family?

When my husband and I first got married (and prior to) I would make comments about wanting a house full and saying things like "at least half a dozen." My husband thought 2 was plenty. His family even started making comments to "split it down the middle with 4". I never fought over it, he is the man of the house, but I did let my opinion known then prayed God would change his heart. We had A and B pretty quick in our marriage. C took a little longer. While I was preggers with C, my hubby found out of a genetic issue he MIGHT have to deal with that MIGHT kill him in his 50's. At that moment he said he didn't want any more because he might not get to see them grow up. We were pretty sure we would not have any more children. Over time, he remembered God is the giver of life anyway, and if He gave then He could take away. But I still didn't get preggers again. In fact it had come to that point where I thought I was not going to have a large family...and after crying, I was okay with that. After some minor medical issues, I found out we were expecting D. Sometime over the years, my husband has changed his mind. He now sees children as a blessing and inheritance. We are expecting E in a few more weeks.
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